Sponsors, please.

For the past two weeks, I have been working in Excel as well as their business data base. Since the non-profit has its next event in October, the brunt of my work consists mainly on working through business lists. Sponsors are important in many ways. Often times, its more than just a donation. Paper icons are a way for a company for collect money for non-profits without actually spending their own money. (if that makes any sense…) We’ve all seen them. You buy them at the cash register at different stores with a cash value of $5, $10, or $15. The person writes their name on it and the store hangs them on the walls. Well, my job as the intern is to email the businesses to introduce the upcoming event and the paper icon sales. Using a well-organized Excel list of businesses, I follow up with a phone call. I explain what non-profit I am apart of and what event is coming up. Of about a list of 30-40 businesses, 1 local business has agreed.

What I learned- This task is important for the company. Most local businesses can’t necessarily find it in their budgets to drop a donation on several different non-profits. This is an easier way that the employer can help as long as they don’t mind hanging paper icons in their store. Most businesses that say no typically have particular non-profits that they work with. Without sponsors, the non-profit would have to fork over more money out of their funding. It is discouraging when so many people tell you no or I’m not sure. It does pay off in the end. Not only does it assist the non-profit in paying for things, but sponsorship is a great way for both parties to get recognition from one another.


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