First “Official” Week

Super weird that I started off like that, huh? I know…crazy. Despite being exhausted at the end of the day, it was a great experience that I would easily do over again. After that, I had a week off before officially starting due to the current interns leaving and transitioning out. It was a pretty nice set up. We (the interns) had our own cubical and it had my name on it in a little name tag. (so cute) My first day, I was given the standard introduction to the non-profit itself. One of my supervisors (whom I will keep anonymous. We’ll call her Z) gave me a list of the fonts and colors that they use. I was also given lists of events, dates, and numbers that are synonymous with the non-profit. She introduced me to the websites that they use and lots and lots of Excel spreadsheets. The interns get their own email where our supervisors email us tasks to do for the day. (Super lavish, I know.) My first task was to get familiar with their website and sign up for their event in October.

After that, I continued to help my supervisors with loose end jobs from previous events including the gala but my supervisors were already planning for an event that they have in October! I sent some emails, trimmed some flyers and got familiar with the website. It was definitely work but it was easier work mostly because they were trying to, in a sense, “break me in” which I’m super grateful for. No phone calls yet or anything too difficult.

What I Learned: Number 1: A good business should have select fonts, font sizes, and colors to remain consistent in marketing and advertising. The bigger the business is, the more specific they are on color scheme and marketing products. From banners to something as small as your email, must have that color scheme and font. Number 2: Do yourself a huge favor and LEARN EXCEL. Study it. Businesses depend on Excel for better organization, quick data entry and correction, and accuracy of information. I had zero experience in Excel when I started. Sure, I may have taken a class like three years ago on “the basics” of Excel but I couldn’t tell you one thing I remember. (oops) If you’re a hands-on learner like myself, internships are the best way for you to get experience using Excel. I feel like Excel is such a vast intimidating system with lots of tricks and hints but it’s better to explore before you jump right into a job that uses it a lot.



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