Internship Day “2”

Day 2 consisted mainly of driving 45 minutes away to a super fancy hotel where the event would take place in less than 24 hours. (I definitely dressed more casually this time around)

I took off of work that day because… ya know– priorities. I got there around four to officially meet with the other two seasoned interns who had been there since the beginning of the semester. We traveled through the bowels of the hotel to get to the massive rent-a-truck parked out back. Filled to the brim with expensive auction items and cutesy table extras, we carried bins and boxes up seven floors. (Don’t be dramatic, Mercedes. We had elevators.) This task took roughly three hours and all of my energy.

What I learned: The days leading to an event are stressful. This is why volunteer work is very important for non-profit organizations. Non-profits in general do not have a large body of staff which means on event days, you need volunteers. Also, organization is key. (It’s bold for a reason) Each box that we carried up was color-coded and labeled. Our job as volunteers was to find each colored label and section it off. The senior manager and special events coordinator strategically planned item placement in boxes and then planned the placement of those boxes. Another thing I learned is that being meticulous is super frustrating at times but is very rewarding in the end. We (the interns) had to put together valet bags. (I know, super fancy.) Prior to starting, one of the leaders told us that they had to be perfect. After completing about 50 bags each, the bags stood perfect. The reason everything had to be perfect wasn’t because the leader just felt like it. It was because this event was huge for them! Visitors had high expectations of this event. As an employee of this non-profit, you have to own what you put out there. Everything you do affects what money you bring in for your cause.


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