Internship Day “1”

I was always the type of person to do what was expected and not go far beyond that. At the start of college, I was working full time while taking fourteen+ credits. Needless to say, my motto had become “C’s get degrees”.

At the start of my fourth year of college, I knew I had to push myself in order to graduate. The classes were becoming more difficult while I was trying to juggle everything else in my life. Somehow my work ethic was improving. While my grades were slowly on the up, I looked at my lackluster resume. I knew that in order to make myself stand out, I needed something. Internships starting becoming a topic of many conversations.

I chose to search for internships outside of the college resources because of the wide range of variety. Through different search engines, I sent several applications to different companies. Denial letters slowly returned one by one. Only two companies out of about twenty applications called for interviews. After the first interviews, I made my choice.

I’ve always had an interest in non-profits. There is something about being so close to change– advocating for it. The passion, drive and motivation for a cause was intriguing to me.

So here I am, a college senior with little to no career experience taking on an internship that will ultimately assist in determining what I will do after college.

Day one – I started the weekend before final exams. Why? Because the company’s biggest event was that weekend. I showed up on a Thursday at 8 AM dressed in a blazer and dress pants. To my surprise, I was extremely overdressed. See, this event was a huge deal that required a ton of effort. Auction items were spread throughout any available space on the floor in the conference room. I spent my first day cutting several pamphlets, table markers, and activity cards meticulously. They had to be perfect. Every poster or flyer created had to be verified through the leader.

What I learnedCreating a poster or flyer for an event is extremely important. You may put hours into making something but if it’s not close to the overall vision of the end result, you need to be flexible and positive in recreating it. The people that were creating the posters were very positive in recreating them to make them perfect. Criticism is not always negative. It’s meant to construct something that fits what they want.



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